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Dyno and Tuning Services s2000 on dyno for tuning

Roberts Imports does all of our tuning on a Dyno Dynamics dyno. Why a Dyno Dynamics? When we were shopping for a dyno we wanted a tuning tool, not a horsepower number generator. Mustang and DynoJet make very nice products that are generally more lucrative for the owner since they put out the big horsepower numbers that people want. What they don't do however is offer steady state load control like the Dyno Dynamics offers.

If your car is street tuned or tuned on an inertia dyno then it probably runs well when you are running the engine at wide open throttle. The car might not run the way you want it to in low load, off boost, or part throttle conditions though; we hear this everyday from clients. Its not the car or tuner's fault, its inherent to the tool being used to tune the vehicle. Bring your car in today and let us show you how how enjoyable a properly tuned vehicle can be in all driving conditions.

Since purchashing our Dyno Dynamics dyno, we have offered a 100% money back guarantee on our dyno tuning services. If you are not completely satisfied that your vehicle runs and drives better than when you brought it in, you don't pay, it's that simple. After hundreds of logged tuning sessions, we have not had one client take us up on that offer!

mini dyno tuningBasic Rates

- 3 baseline pulls with wideband O2: $75
- Rent the dyno, do your own tuning: $125/hr
- We do the tuning, with wideband O2: $195/hr

Tuning Rates, Typical Systems

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